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--- Quote from: Cobra on April 21, 2007, 02:04:30 am ---Don't think so.

--- End quote ---

Depends on your webserver.  You SHOULD be able to set up an anonymous FTP service where users can upload files only to a specific directory.  Admins could then move them to the appropriate location.  Most professional webservers have this functionality.  If you guys are managing your own FTP server, you can set this up yourselves quite easily by group access accounts.

I really should pay more attention to this. I'm not sure about anonymous access, although it's probably possible, but restrictions to directories are certainly possible and there's already something that can move the files to the right place and add them to the database. That's been ready for a while now.
It would be interesting to tie it into site user accounts though but I don't think we have the access to do that.


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