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--- Quote from: LieutenantGeneralMobius on April 12, 2007, 02:15:20 pm ---Ehm...what do you want the Restauration Team(me, Admiral Nelson, MP-Ryan, m225xxxx, <jr2?>)to do? We are available :)

--- End quote ---

That misspelling makes it sound like we fix restaurants or something.

Which, really, wouldn't be bad.  I could do with some free food along with our campaign fixes :P

Uhm...I'm hungry.

Ok, it's Restoration Team :) Silent Threat already being revamped elsewhere? What should we do?

He, he... maybe you should wait till I get FS running on my (now) only working comp I have left.. :(

Admiral Nelson:
There is nothing for us to do with Silent Threat.  Goober was making a rhetorical pont with this posting.  He was perhaps a bit too subtle... :) 

Yeah, I have suspected it.

What should we work on, besides Warzone? The Lightning Marshal?


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