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Thanks again, this version seems OK.

Another thing also which would be good to preserve would be the single missions (all right, it is not a campaign, but they are good) given along with the silent threat campaign: I got the french version of FS1 and silent threat, but I was suprised to learn that there was 30+ single missions along with it: I got only about 12: I liked some of them very much: the manhattn project, the black knight, the virgina trail..., but some of them I didn't have so I couldn't try: the peace (something) mini campaign (7 missions) and so on...

It would be good to preserve those also at hades combine, no?

Mad Bomber:
Destiny of Peace is being/has been remade.

I think.

Admiral Nelson:
Wait a week. :)

Is this campaign being worked on/supported? I just finished it and I noticed a bug in the 3rd mission debriefing.


--- Quote from: Macfie on May 12, 2007, 07:09:41 am ---Here is a copy converted to single player.

[attachment deleted by admin]

--- End quote ---
Does anyone have this?


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