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Pandora's Box

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Admiral Nelson:
The Pandora's Box campaign, remastered for SCP!

One year prior to the return of the Shivans, the NTF Civil War is at its peak.  As a pilot newly assigned to the 51st squadron, GVD Abydos, currently stationed in the secure Vasuda system, you have little to look forward to other than uneventful patrol and convoy escorts.  Until the NTF make a bold raid into the Vasuda system...

LS Backgrounds
Proper Deneb star
Spell check
Renamed some vessels that had absurd names ("GTC Executor"  :rolleyes: )

Proper β Hydri star (Vasuda)
Replace original low res Orion nameplates
Faustus nameplates


Ok. Since we're probably going to keep LS backgrounds, I can only test. :)

Admiral Nelson:
Yeah, this campaign is probably almost good to go.

Then lostllama and VC can do it quickly while we continue to work on TR/W. I'm sending them a PM. :)

Admiral Nelson:
You should play it at least once.  It is a good campaign. :)


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