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For anyone who thinks Flying cruiser is fun

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I made a Fenris and added gunpoints, and missile points on it.  I also re-edited the TBL information ot make it have more armor and be more Manueverable.  I did that same with the Aeolus.  Then i wanted flak for the ships that could fire out of gunslots.  So I made a missile like tempest but it has no pof and has the flag "Particle spew" and all the stats of flak.  The result is flak the fires out of missile points and works just as good as normal flak.

Playing with these cruisers on 2 players is one of the funnest expierences ive had on Freespace 2.
The only problem with the flak is that it only shoots straight in front of you but each time the flak is fired it comes out of the different slots of the missile point.  I thought that making a flak that explodes as soon as it is fired would work if the missile points in the ship were all about 100-400 meters away from the ship.  That way the flak would explode on all sides of the ship instead of just firing in front of you.  It would give some protection form fighters and bombs and bombers.

So whaddaya think of the idea?


That's a great idea! Especially about placing the gunpoints far away from the ship. To make the flak explode as soon as it is fired, make the lifetime of the flak something like 0.5 seconds.  

Whoa thats awsome!

Great idea dude! Can you publish that mod some time?

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ive had these self made mods for almost a year now.  I make a lot of good mods but usually I use them to play in multi player here at home.  I might put these mods on a website as downloadable, maybe .... some day.



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