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Ok-I know made the submodels for the rotating parts for my model, everything shows up perfect in model view.  When I click ctrl-click to place the ship in FRED2 i get an illegal operation-must be shut down screen.  The poly count it 1412 and vert 1426, shows up PERFECT in MV, what is wrong?

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I even just took off the rotating data and it didn't work.

Robin Varley:
This could well be a problem with the model, go back to truspace or whatever you use and just save the main hull - no other objects - convert it to a pof, load it up in FSMM2 then save it again.  now try it in FRED2 if it crashes basically the model is screwed, I've had it happen to me a few times, you could try the "attempt to fix bad geometry" button in truspace, other than that there is little you can do.

What is the largest poly count for one subobject? If it is over 750(?) it sometimes causes FRED2 to crash. Bobboau calls this the infamous "Shardz O' Death". Try breaking any 750+ subobject into two.

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Thanks to JakeLogan for that one  


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