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Admiral LSD:
I was thinking about the nebula beyond Gamma Drac the other day and in particular the fact that one of your wingmen mentioned it was about 10-20 light years in diameter. This started a new chain of thought regarding the Capella supernova. Depending on how far apart the systems in that area are, given time, the nebula created by that supernova may engulf several neighbouring systems. If this occurs, it would be uneconomical to permanently station AWACS ships within systems, so I was thinking about space stations with inbuilt AWACS systems and AWACS buoys that could send tracking data across whole star systems. Is this a good idea? Has anyone else though of this? I personally cannot undertake such a project myself since modelling is a little out of my league at the moment but maybe someone else is willing to give it a go?

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Sounds like you'd just stick an AWACS dish on top of an Arcadia, then make some buoys that could act as the sensors.  It sounds like it's basically just be making a new station, which is never a bad thing.

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There arn't enough stations in FS...

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No, there aren't. Time to pull some favours with my modelling friends  

Time to pervert.....I mean convert some SL station models.  


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