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I'd like to request that someone resurrect and debug the McCathy Campaign for FSPort. It was a rather interesting campaign where you play as a wingman of Lt McCarthy who defects with him to the PVN near the beginning of FS1. The campaign featured a major branch about half-way through. I only managed to complete one branch the other was bugy and wouldnt let me complete the mission.

Could someone please ressurrect and debug this campaign?

It got a bit weird for me on the escorting freighters at the depot mission when the freighters took some insane amount of time to get to the waypoint...

*cough* *cough* Where's the campaign?

Not sure where you can find it, actually. It should be on the Volition Watch archives, but the missions section of that site got screwed up so it's harder to find (for me anyway).

Then how can you we work on it?


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