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What I've always wanted to see is a short campaign about the Taranis, knocking out it's fighter escort, destroying transports which intend to re-supply it etc.

Is there one?

Colonol Dekker:
Yeah it's called FreeSpace lol. Good idea though.

No what he means is the initial missions against  the Taranis before the one in FS1 where you capture it. In fact, according to the reference RBible, there was supposed to be a series of missons against the taranis which ultimatley culminated in the Taranis being caught. T

Dark Hunter:
I find it odd that they went to so much trouble for a single Cain-class cruiser...

For that matter, why did the Shivans place so much importance on it? It's like their weakest capital ship!

As to the importance placed on the Taranis, I feel that the shivans would destroy any major captured ship, given time. The only other ships I can think of which get captured by the GTA/GTVI/whatever are the SF Dragon, the four SF Mararas and the freighter in the Hall Fight scene. Did the GTVA manage to capture anything else I've forgotten?


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