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Using SVN for FSCRP?


Hallo All,

I just read the thread on S:AH and there Mobius wrote "Can't remember all the other changes ..."

As the .fc2 file is a text based format, I suggest using some kind of version control, which lets us track changes much better and also have a versioning history with full changelog.

Also it can still be downloaded directly via WebBrowser if the need is there.

Also it gives members the possibility to work concurrently on it.

Just an idea to improve the Workflow.

(And Tortoise SVN is really easy to use, too).

If the idea is good, I think the best way is to contact taylor from the SCP team to discuss an own branch for the FSCRP.

Best Wishes,


SVN for projects is good -- it's used on Scroll of Atankharzim and Wing Commander Saga, for example.

However, creating a SCP branch for FSCRP is NOT good and will not be approved.  You'll have to find your own hosting solution.  Scroll uses which is free but slow.

... and Saga is using a dedicated hosting solution, which is fast, but expensive... sort of.


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