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I thought the FSCRP could have some fun with this. :)

Ryleh is an unfinished campaign made by Zarathud.  He was good enough to put the incomplete campaign on his website, but there are several broken links so I'm linking everything manually here.

Campaign: Webpage FSC

Mission 1: Readme FSM
Mission 2: Readme FSM FSM A (for campaign mode?)
Mission 3: Readme FSM
Mission 4: Readme FSM

Bonus (incomplete) mission from the nascent HOL campaign: Readme FSM

Admiral Nelson:
I don;t suppose that you (or Macfie) have the voice files someplace?

I will need someone to convert these to FS2 for me until I get my new motherboard, the import feature in FRED does not work with Windows 2000.

Ooh, I forgot that I could fix the ZIP links too. :)

Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3
Mission 4

Goober, You wouldn't happen to know which star system the campaign was supposed to take place in?  It talks about the Vega node so I'm thinking it might be Capella.  It says the station is on the fringe of known space.  The other possibilities would be Deneb or Beta Aquilae but since these are connected to other known systems I don't think it would be them.

I have no idea.  Zarathud has been on the boards semi-recently; I'll email him and see if he has anything to say.


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