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So, this is searcheable, right?

Basically, the way it works on Garagegames, is people post a code snippet, complete with downloads of modified files, but lots of text on what was done in the post itself.

We could do that here, if you wanted to post a resource for people to use, you'd preface the post with a "CODE:My Fighter beam mod" or something like that in the title.

That would at least get us all looking at the same things, discussion could follow i nthe thread, and it would be easy to locate the little buggers :)

thats sort of what I did, though I've stoped posting every change becase 99 times out of 100 it doesn't work right, when I get it working the way I want I'll post the changes made

Yours was the example I would suggest people follow :)

Just something to think about for the other folks who are working on this stuff :)

That, and posting something in the subject line so people know it's a code resource,  I personally favor the "CODE: Blah Blah" format. Makes it easy to collect all the code snippets in one place :)


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