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Show on the road?

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Do we have a plan for proceeding with formalizing this if VW doesn't come back up soon?

why don't we have a cople of sites, one here one at VW, both useing a common news script and file space, so this isn't just VW's hosted site, or HLP's hosted site, but a true inter-comunity organisation

I would suggest a single separate site that has all the resources needed (most importantly, CVS and bug forum/tracking).

Well, lemme see if I can get us a CVS server.

VW is back up it would seem :)

I've been waiting for the VWBB to get back on it's feet before we do anything. From what I understand (I think Ice agrees), having a combined something of HLP and VW is bes. The specifics of that will become clear once I can talk with him and see what VW and HLP have to offer and where they can mesh together.


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