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The joy of Tacos and paint

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Yo dawg, I herd u liek tacos.

Indeed, paint and tacos are very important. Just look at the GTVA's budget.

Let's hope there are suppliers of tacos other than Recette's store.

Also, why not use half of the money for tacos supporting Alpha 1? If they did this, they would've won by now.

[01:15] <Spoon> With such huge supplies of taco's
[01:15] <Spoon> You'd wonder how miss lemongrass can get away with selling them at such high prices
[01:16] <@Axem> must be because the fred knossos is so far away from civilization, that its the only taco shop around
[01:16] <@Axem> oooor
[01:16] <@Axem> consider that this is the budget, not consumption
[01:17] <@Axem> lemongrass charges those prices to the gtva too
[01:17] <@Axem> then it all makes sense
[01:18] <Spoon> :o
[01:18] <Spoon> it all makes sense now
[01:18] <@Axem> told you

Colonol Dekker:
I can't help but notice....

The GTVA staff,...........

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