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thank you for the excellent feedback :)
people take note: that is how it's done!

i have no idea what is causing the sound bug, i played the whole campaign on RC1 and did not encounter a single audio bug
all in all it looks like there will have to be a Aftermath 2.2 release before one can call it done..

if anyone who reads this would like to help with upgrading the campaign and fixing the bugs that would be awesome  :eek:
after all the FSCRP is a community project *hint* *hint*

Small question regarding the campaign: I remember a secondary base of operations of the GTI (the midgard) mentionned in episode 3 briefs yet we never see it in game nor is it's use explaned. Does anyone have a clue regarding this? Also, the wiki describes this campaign using the stentor, yet in the retail version no added models exist...

Admiral Nelson:
I don't know about the Midgard, but the Valk Mk II/Stentor was always in the campaign.  I just added an actual model to represent it, where the old FS1 version just used the regular Valkyrie model.

oh, I see! I'm still puzzled at the midgard though...

The voice acting is rather weird, it sounds like some kind of advanced british-sounding microsoft mike.


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