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OST - where can I get a list of all songs?


Hey everyone,

could someone tell me please how can I get the full OST for Blue Planet? The tip I got on discord is to use VpView. However, when I opened the path blue planet is installed in, which is:


I could not find any .ogg files or similar.

Your help in this topic would be deeply appreciated, thank you!

Using VPVIEW32, look inside the VP files: bpc-audio2 and bpc-audio1, then double click the music folder that is inside each one.

Also, there should be credits somewhere, you may want to look at those, I think they are shown in a mission at the end of each blue planet campaign, you can use the:


key on your keyboard to pause the mission without without bringing up the "do you want to quit" popup, that way you can read them.

Using VPVIEW, load C:/Path/To/FS2/blueplanetcomplete-1.1.1/bpc-audio1.vp or C:/Path/To/FS2/blueplanetcomplete-1.1.1/bpc-audio2.vp

I'm using Linux, so for me I'd load /home/zonination/Freespace/FS2/blueplanetcomplete-1.1.1/bpc-audio1.vp


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