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Re: Stuff we saw on youtube! (redux!)

A short lesson in how you can use a viral video to distract from years of mismanagement.


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Re: Stuff we saw on youtube! (redux!)

And then I went to look for the source, which is:

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Nobody's allowed out over here anyway.   I nominate E (as a fair and just overlord) to arrange a Zoom HLP Social.

wait what


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Re: Stuff we saw on youtube! (redux!)
Confused yet? 😜 it makes FS ship sizes and categorisations all the more crazy. I waiting to see the huge and deadly battle dingy - 10KM long and with the firepower of a death star 😜
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Re: Stuff we saw on youtube! (redux!)

Cody's Showdy again. A great explanation of how the complaints against Critical Race Theory were just gaslighting right from the start.
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Re: Stuff we saw on youtube! (redux!)

Hello. It's another video from PhilosophyTube.


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Re: Stuff we saw on youtube! (redux!)

I enjoyed this.


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Re: Stuff we saw on youtube! (redux!)
Here is the Admiral himself endorsing orange juice.
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