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Series Resurrecta "Earcandy" Thread


Since it's not fair for visual art to take all of the glory, I'm going to be selfish and start an "earcandy" thread. I will start by providing my own contributions, but other Series Resurrecta-specific music is welcome here as well. There is a bit more background on my role as a composer for this project in the Development Blog.

I will list my tracks below (in categories) with a one-liner to describe each one. There will be links to each individual track, and to a playlist containing all of them. At this point, each link goes to my SoundCloud account, which is not monetised (i.e. the tracks are ad-free), and each track is freely downloadable. At some point I will probably package the unreleased stuff into an EP/Soundtrack for wider release outside this community (i.e. for my ~20 loyal Spotify followers). I will keep this post up-to-date should there be any further additions in the short or long-term.

Happy Listening! :D

Full playlist

Melancholy Revelation (previously released on Soundcloud)
Simple, haunting piece centred on piano. Originally written to focus on sound design - all of the sounds originally come from a piano.

Note: These were composed as single tracks, but split appropriately for in-game use. I made some slightly different artistic choices for the in-game versions so that the splits made more sense.
This track has a desperate/bleak/we're-getting-our-butts-kicked feel, and a bit of an exotic vibe.

Losing Our Stars
This track has a weighty and exotic feel, with some classic synth drums and a synth solo thrown in.

Resurfacing Mystery
Relatively straightforward psytrance/psybient, with a prominent mandolin. Neither overly upbeat nor overly serious.

Forging Through The Black
Majestic orchestra turning into driving metal - meant to feel like you are ready to kick some butt. Re-imagining of my first ever (but never released) FS2 in-flight composition.

Promise of Splendor (previously released on an album)
Cinematic Trance with a piano focus. Starts ominous and ends up optimistic. From my album Three Journeys.

Uncharted Waters (previously released on an album)
Upbeat electronic/rock with a piano focus, influenced by the character "Hydroid" from the video game "Warframe". From my album Synesthetic Somatotype.

Blue Hypergiant (on an upcoming album release)
Tense but upbeat orchestral/rock. Ambience has piano, piccolo, and a classic synth sound that fits the FS motif well. Battle tracks are in 7/4. From my upcoming album Formation II: Across the Galaxy.

Written to sound like it could be in a very artsy sci-fi/spy movie trailer. To commemorate the team's internal 0.0.7 release of Serendipity.

Something Out There
Hybrid orchestral with a tense but hopeful mood.

Added a new in-flight track: Blue Hypergiant.


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