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Bugged mission in WiH2

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Yo - when you load checkpoint for the mission where you have to protect the Agincourt in WiH2, you always start with failing the 'survive fighter sweep', and even when you destroy the medea, all your ships survive, the mission fails to complete even when every enemy ship, fighter whatever is dead. Even on Easiest setting. I'm doing everything by the book and I'm not a bad pilot. What's going on there? This mission feels WILDLY different from the last time i played it (had no issues completing this before on medium setting).

General Battuta:
A lot of stuff has changed in the engine. I think BP may have become a victim of SCP rot.

Can you please provide a Debug log to provide version information on the FSO build and BP version you are using?

A simple rollback to a safe version can avoid "the rot" talked about before.

I stumbled upon the same problem in Aristeia. After starting the mission from the checkpoint just before the Medea enters the mission the Yangtze, Indus and Agincourt won't move ahead to the next waypoint on FSO 21.0
Log with FSO 21.0:

Switching back to FSO 19.0 helped. I could finish the mission from the checkpoint.

General Battuta:


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