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Trivial Psychic:
So in relation to the crash I've been encountering with bp2-10 (see other thread), I decided to take a closer look at the Hecate MK2.  It's been complaining about subsystems on the ship not being in the model.  I took a look and found one classic-style subsystem called path45, which must be a mistake in my opinion so I removed it.  I also noticed that the communications subsystem lacked any name data in the submodel, even though its listed in the table.  I changed these and tested it again but still had the same error message.  Finally, I added subsystem data in the table file for the two radar submodels, which both have name data in the pof but no reference in the table file.  I added "untargettable" lines for them and it seems to work.

There are also error messages regarding the model having two $path12 and $path16

The first $path12 is attached onto Turret12, and the first $path16 is attached onto Turret16, but the second $path12 is attached to Turret04, which also has $path04 attached to it, and the second $path16 is attached to Turret08, which also has $path08.  Furthermore, the two duplicate paths are 4-point paths, as opposed to most attack paths are 2-point paths.

I'm not sure if these new 4-point paths are deliberately this way, for special plot-specific purposes.  Am I cleared to delete these paths?  Should I delete the old paths for turrets 04 and 08 and rename the new ones to match?


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