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That vessel there, is the Shiamak, from the old Inferno campaign. One of the best carriers out there in Inferno, next to the ACa Akrotiri and the GVCa Tanen

OH and I love the Star Trek crossover picture, exactly what I would have done with the Enterprise (presuming it is). I believe that model was converted from SFC 3... It reminds me of when I pwn with Shivans in the game Star Trek: Armada 2 with the FS2 mod created by Ultimate_Dragon.
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I have a screen shot of the GTCc Willy (my girlfriend said she wanted to see a big willy floating in space, so i made her one), i cant post a screenshot coz' i would probably get banned.  :lol:
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Yeah, I was just being lazy.  Reading Land Use and Zoning Law for 2 hours will do that to you.  I gotta find a good shot to add to this thread now.
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It should be the GTPh Willy. Someone should know what that means.
Gettin' back to dodgin' lasers.

So post the screenshot censored.
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GenericCorvette, that Shiamak screenshot is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes: :yes: :yes: