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Preliminary test - Satis Freighter

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Eh? That's Bizzare...

The only part that I see that needs to be less smooth, is the bit on top, that's bumped out. Silly Max, didn't wanna do that on it's own. Ah well, next revision.

Umm, i meant to say eyeballs.

Anyways, yeah. Looks nice.

Jetmech Jr.:
SCREENIES, you nit! ;)

As an aside, damn sexy HTL job, there.


--- Quote ---Originally posted by FireCrack
Sporks dont make good weapons, the prongs are too short, and it's too shallow for spooning out eyebrows.
--- End quote ---

Didn't stop me seeing one in the 'deposit dangerous weapons here' box at Stanstead (Alongside a surprising number of switchblades)


Lookin' good, Raa. Nice.... :yes:


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