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Hello there, just woundering if anyone of you heard of the landreich campaign kevin caccamo was planning for saga. Is it still alive? would be great to "play" false colours. here's the topic:
Unfortunately the guy is banned from the CIC  (scratch one more  :doubt:). you have to love the hornet though  ;7



P.S: while we're here, I'm woundering if anyone has attempted to model a wake escort carrier (E G: the tarawa)? This could also serve perhaps one day: the tarawa's flight to kilrah (the first one been to kilrah) seems epic. :nod:

Talon 1024:
Yep.  My forum name at CIC is Kevin Caccamo. :)

The project is going well, but it's still very young, and hasn't made much progress.

And yeah, the guys from Standoff have modelled a wake-class escort carrier.

Some people are pretty confused about the story, though.  The campaign will follow False Colors, but in a different character's perspective.  Part 1 begins right before Jason Bondarevsky joins the FRLS Independence, Part 2 begins when the Independence jumps into Vaku, and Part 3 will begin in Baka Kar.

BTW, the ban message:

--- Quote ---You have been banned for the following reason:
What a fun day, I'll go be a passive-aggressive dorkwad at the CZ! It's a great place for that sort of thing! They LOVE it!

Date the ban will be lifted: 07-10-2010, 21:00
--- End quote ---

That was for saying there was references to "Kats" in the WCP movie list.

Don't fret it kevin. I've been banned simply because I said I preferred to follow several fan projects like standoff or saga or even tango rather then invest into an xbox and arena. And I won't be coming back to them which is good. :nod:

Good work on your campaign: I always wanted to play false colours as I liked the plot. There are so many things of opportunity to be discovered here thanks to fred. One day perhaps we'll mirror the tarawa's flight or the ranger's glory MOD storyline?

Yeah, good luck getting that campaign up and running. I think building things on the FS2 base is the way to go - nothing else will give you the eye candy people demand these days.

What is the deal over on CIC? It seems like people get into a tissy over just about anything! There was even a long rant once because someone compared the canon of Batman with Wing Commander. It all got very "Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons TV Show" if you get what (and who) I mean.

BTW, I thought you were right on the "Kats" issue. I'm pretty sure I've seen "Carrier" spelt "Karrier" during a briefing animation, suggesting they do replace Cs with Ks from time to time when they want to specify something Kilrathi. But I won't bother pointing that out over there or I'll probably find myself banned too!

Black Wolf:
Wandered into this thread randomly, but it has reaffirmed my belief in the utter mind-**** insanity of that WC CIC place. Seriously, I hate and love that place. I shouldn't care - never in my life played a WC game - but that place both annoys and amuses me so much... it's very much The Internet.


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