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Nice pics Karl.

Very impressive!

Awesome Karl!

Looking good!

Also, let's face it, half the Fun of MC1 was watching (in horror) an entire forest went up in flames after the shortcut you decided to turn into a raging inferno. :D

This, and I enjoyed watching turret controls braking down so much, that I destroy each one that I crossed :D

Yeah the majority of the building animations of MC1 were very satisfying...

Thanks for the comments guys, I also think its coming along nicely but I would still like more choice regarding buildings, for examples the geodomes in the first Lupus boss image, well in MC1 the domes were much larger and that fenced area was totally occupied by them. I guess I should pull finger really stop complaining and make some buildings, hmm what a slacker!

@Arcalane well yeah I have thought further and now I am attempting to make the trees more "building like" by adding pass-ability variables to their data files, there are also variables in the data file relating to burning and fire, so maybe some tweaking could produce forest fires but I wouldnt bank on it... sorry


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