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Uhh, let's see. Promotional Media...check, we're in the right place!

This Askaeldian convoy.

But then, the Alliance jumps on the convoy, blasting Iridium 2 with a Heaven Breaker the moment the Causality jumps in.

The Falken takes a direct hit amidships from the Copernicium's City of Blades, while trading fire with the Causality.

The Causality broadsides Iridium 1 as it passes her.

The Phlebotium explodes, as the Causality trains her Siegfried Mega Particle Cannons on Radium wing.

After destroying Iridium, Radium, Copernicium and the Phlebotium, the Causality and Falken, commence destruction of the Osmium, Tellerium and Francium, and their cargo of Askaeldian stuff.

The end of the Heaven's Alliance recruitment post, brought to you by the HA DD Falken.

yes, big canons is the correct answer.. you get an A+++!!

also, nice planet.


Something's different about this picture...

Hang on... that's the Horizon isn't it? :eek2: Well, two of them, anyway.

Deadly in a Shadow:

Oh, lulz. Another Star Fortress. And the Horizons. Where are the cool Covenant Cruisers?


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