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Iain Baker:

--- Quote from: The E on April 18, 2019, 07:04:46 am ---BP1 is BP: Age of Aquarius.
BP2 is BP: War In Heaven as a complete entity.
WiH1 is War In Heaven as first released, containing everything up to Sunglare and the end of the Wargods story arc (Acts 1 and 2 of War In Heaven).
WiH2 is the second release of War In Heaven, containing the Fedayeen arc. This is also referred to as WiH Act 3.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the clarification. I think my brain gets it now. I will go through the three articles if I get time and make adjustments as needed.

Iain Baker:

--- Quote from: 0rph3u5 on April 18, 2019, 09:06:54 am ---To clear up the distinctions:

In Drama you seperate a work into Acts (which then are subdivided in Scenes) - which commonly are either 3 (Exposition, Conflict, Resoution) or 5 (Exposition, Building Tension, Raising Tension, Climax, Resolution). It often gets a bit muddied because there are also "Prologue" (ancient Greek for "Foreword") and "Epilogue" (ancient Greek for "Afterword") which stand seperate and apart from these, but may be included in any work of drama.

(Note: Less and more than 3 or 5 Acts are also possible, esspecially in experimental works)

This can all work differently on how you are modeling your Plot, as this detmines they way tension is raised - there are three different ways that can happen:
- Linear progression: Tension builds up step by step but at the same pace.
- Progression along a curve: Tension builds up step by step but the pace increases over time.
- Oscilating proression: Tnesion builds up over all, but may rise and fall before reaching the climax.

As Age of Aquarius is not divied into episodes of release, it has a complete curved progression which is presented unbroken, there is no need to distinguish the actual acts formally for most people.

War in Heaven due to the fact that it has been divided into episodes of release, has oscilating progression (each episode has its own curve) - but the in the distinction into Acts 1-3 there developers have staked a claim as to where the climax point of the actual story is, that is still to come.
(Hence calling BP as whole a "mastercalls" might be premature, even if the skill involved is impressive.)

The structure of Acts however does not neccessarily transition to episodes of a series - so you cannot infer that BP3 will be "just resolution".

ps. @Iain: and now you know why Vega must burn is 5 missions long in a single playthrough.

--- End quote ---

Thank you for that, it all starts to make sense now :-) I guess you are the person to ask when it comes to performing arts and what not. Being a bit of a philistine I'm a bit clueless  ;-P


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