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The Cost of Moderation

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Colonol Dekker:


--- Quote from: Asteroth on October 07, 2022, 08:12:54 pm ---The only person who I'm aware of who has 'left HLP' in any way in this thread has been general battuta, which is at least in part due his busy schedule.

--- End quote ---

XenoCartographer is gone, she is still active in internal BtA though.

I knew she was still active with BtA which is why I don't really consider her "gone". For broader definition, I suppose, there are some people who've probably shied away more from the public forums, which is definitely an unfortunate situation which I hope they are able to feel more comfortable about eventually, but as long as they still feel willing and able to mod that's a good thing, and I would still consider them part of the community. It's a far cry from people like Axem who have 0 presence in the community in any way anymore, or those who have been permanently banned from the forums/discord.


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