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Now it tells me that HD Radar Icons are missing. Teste with BP only

Debug Log:

yeah, it's telling me the same thing, can't play the mod cause it crashes, cause of hd icons

Sorry about the slow response. Valheim got its claws into me pretty good.

This issue was a bug in a recent release of the radar icons script resulting from changes Lafiel made at my request (whoops). It was actually fixed over a week ago now. You should only have to update the Radaricons Script mod in Knossos and the modpacks should automatically switch to using the fixed version.

Hope that helps. And, if not, let me know. I'll make a point to keep a closer eye on this thread from here on.

When I try launching your mod collection from Knossos, it says there is no executable found for this mod. What would I need to do to get this to work? Thx.

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