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WCHF Discussion thread (was: kevin caccamo's landreich campaign?)

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Talon 1024:
Here are some screenshots of ships with shadows.  I was playing around with Valathil's shadow build and it was very awesome seeing the ships in the F3 lab.

Talon 1024:
Dayum, I haven't posted in this thread since last year!

Anyways, here's a status update.

I'm trying to add a checkpoint to mission 1, and it's not working out very well.  As of now, I can't even autopilot to Nav 1.
I'm also working on mission 4.

Finally, I've decided to give the WCHF Landreich capships the same type of overhaul I gave the Bengal-class for WCAG and Enigma 2666.  It will be a while before I post some screenshots, though, as they're not nearly ready to be imported into the game.

 :eek: Can't wait.

Anything going on here?


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