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We prepared this thread to keep all the materials in one place, just like BP did :P. All the articles, models, additional downloads will be present here. The list will be extended as the time goes on.
Note that not all of the stuff here is from Into the Dark Waters. We released also models planned for future acts to keep open asset development policy.


Into the Dark Waters

Knossos Download - v2.0.0. Requires MVP4.7.X + FSO 23.2.0 or newer.

Achievements list:
1   Exile03      Ragnarok         Keep all transports and Ida Lewis above 60 percent until departure in "Swan Song"
2   Exile04      Filled to the brim      Do not lose more than 2 shuttles and let on board max number allowed in "End of High Heavens"
3   Exile04      The Grand Ark         Keep Abraham above 40 percent in "End of High Heavens"
4   Exile05    Too big gun         Keep Akka above 60 percent in "Distraction"
5   Exile07      Donnelly's enclave      Escort all ships from Shipmaster Donnelly's convoy to Beta Volantis in "Through the Red Sea"
6   Exile07      Looking in Death's face      Save at least half bombers in "Through the Red Sea"
7   Exile09      Defender of the Weak      All ships of the convoy must survive in "Pastoralism"
8   Exile11      Anti-terrorist         Disable all transports with hostages before they depart in "Dangerous Game"
9   Exile12      Just follow the OHS!      Do not lose a single drone in "Dirty Job"
10   Exile14      Doom delayed         Keep Harmattan and Andrasta above 50 percent until the Tyrant arrives in "Doomcoming"
11   Exile15      Penetrated         Escort all ships to Delta Lacertae save and sound in "Rain of Stings"
12   Exile16      FAR better than Erebus      Keep Anjaneya above 50 percent in "Entrenchment"   
13   Exile17      Blitzkrieg         Disable the Cyaegha before it departs in "Hunting the Hunter"
14   Exile20      A helpful hand         Escort Lexington and La Manche safely to Terminus in "Overwhelming"
15   Exile22      Allah Ackbar!         Save Darda'il from Shivan attacks in "Day of Reckoning"
16   Exile23      A long lost child      Keep Vermillion above 40 percent in "Eye of the Maelstrom"
17   Exile25      A very swift strike      Keep Harmattan and Andrasta above 60 percent in "Swift Strike"
18   Exile26      Blunting the claws      Keep all gunships alive until Tyrant's primary beam cannons are destroyed in "Sol Invictus"
19   Exile26      Dream Team         Keep all ORS ships above 40 percent in "Sol Invictus"

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