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If you encounter technical issues or any problems, this thread is dedicated for it.

Known issues:
- End of High Heavens - ORS frigates don't fire upon the Rakshasa despite no turret-lock or protect-ship flag. They start firing again if you order all fighters to attack the cruiser (C/3/1)
- Hotkeys are sometimes not working in mission although they are present in Fred. They usually work if you add them manually from F3 menu, but only for the current wave.
- Rain of Stings - you cannot advance into the next mission if you lost Nandi freighter back in Through the Red Sea. A problem with ship save/load conditions. Workaround: delete or rename file data/scripts/exile07ships and replay the mission without using a checkpoint, you should be able to advance.
- Day of Reckoning - Ironclad's main cannons fire all around SFg Balam and none of them aim correctly.
- Sol Invictus - Ironclad's glowpoints are displayed in front of the fleet in the first part of the mission.

- Textures of Sky Garden are blurry, and station is lacking its debris textures.
- Multipart turrets of Tychicus and Syr Darya are not working.

Spoiler:I've been having an issue on Punishment, the mission after I failed to disable the Cyaegha (Hunting the Hunter).

I gather it is possible to disable the Cyaegha in Hunting the Hunter, but I was not getting anywhere close to enough hits on its engine to disable before it jumps out, so I eventually gave in and jumped out to end that mission and follow the Cyaegha.  Got no errors there.

In Punishment, I've successfully taken down the Cyaegha over and over again without losing any capital ships in this mission, and I'm getting an ending that indicates that the mission, while grim, was successful.  But when I try to accept and go to the next mission, I get an error saying that the mission was a failure and I cannot accept.
Has anyone else run into this problem?  I've even gone so far as to let myself die several times in a row so I can advance past this mission, but all it does is advance me to the very same Punishment mission again!  I really don't want to have to start over from the beginning of the campaign.

Meh... Failure conditionals went nuts. I guess it's another issue with removed loop [replaced with branch].

We're on it.

Yep. There's a bug in advance condition of Punishment. If you go to Punishment (instead of replaying Hunting the Hunter and destroying the engines), you're stuck. It seems we missed it in beta-testing because everyone destroyed the engines on time in final playthrough.

I've never done that, but perhaps it is possible to edit the pilot file and rollback your progress to Hunting the Hunter so you can actually destroy the engine and advance to next mission. Otherwise you'll need to wait for the hotfix.

Anyway we'll speed up work on the patch. Expect it this week. I think it'll be possible to fix this without losing your campaign progress.

We released a hotfix. Grab it from library thread.


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