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--- Quote from: Madeye on January 26, 2019, 09:00:32 am ---I know it sounds weird but...
How to  change media vp for Exile in Knossos? I honestly cannot figure it out. :/

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Check MediaVP's in the Explore tab. On the top left should be a version number (current 3.8.2) that you can click and choose which version you want. DL 3.7.2 if it's not installed.

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And then just "back"? Because nothing changes and game seems to launch on 3.8.2 anyways (regardless the mode played).

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Dang, yeah just tried it and got the same thing as you. As Nyctaeus said he'll fix it so patience is key :yes:.

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I shall wait then :D Thank you very much!

i cant beat the mission destoryer or cruiser wont show up
inposseble to beat
mission called hunting the hunter

I'm deliberately not a master of reading logs o___O

Any pop-up error appear? So far I don't understand what the hell is going on.

It's a bit confusing that wouter keeps the FS install in a folder called ShatteredStarsTC-Dev-master (1)\ShatteredStarsTC-Dev-master, even though no files from that are being loaded. :lol:

I threw the assertion into forum search, some results:

You got an assert about basically not having a valid file name and directory, which is probably not the fault of the mod, otherwise lots of people would be getting this error. Can you have Knossos run an integrity check on the mod?

I see from the log you're using 3.8.0 stable?  Exile may need a nightly to work.

If these things don't work, someone with more experience will need to weigh in.

Nightmare, the links are not working for me.

EDIT: Yeah, messing with directory structure is pretty certain to mess things up.


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