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Using Capella as a reference is a bit complicated, and for two reasons I think:

1) The first is simple, the 200 million refugees figure is an information provided when the Shivan invasion reached its apex. The evacuation of Capella actually started prior to the first attack of a Sathanas in the system, and pretty much never ended since then. It may be possible and rather safe to assume that most Capellans were not included in that figure.

2) When it comes to information such as "200 million Capellan refugees" and "4 billion Vasudan victims of the Lucifer's bombardment", these figures seem adapted to the modern world, and apparently don't consider the astounding population increase trends of future times. While we have no information concerning Vasudan demography, I think it's safe to assume that the population of Vasuda Prime far exceeded 4 billion Vasudans at the time, so either most of them escaped ahead of the Lucifer's attack, or the figure provided by :v: was a clear underestimation of the population a futuristic world would feature.

Both points are very speculative anyway.


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