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Problems with voice-messaging


hi to all,
i have a problem with the voice-messaging within the multiplayer-missions in the game freespace 2. whenever i leave a message a noisy bad sound occurs shortly before the message gets played.

can you help me?

i use:
freespace II vers. 1.2 (german)
windows XP home SP2
directx 9
sound: directsound/eax (same problem with both settings)
tried 2 different mics (same problem with both)

hopefully for help,

Dark Hunter:

Welcome to HLP! Exits are located in all places you'd expect them to be, as well as an obscure one located on a 5-d parallel, though no one knows how to get to it.... All exits are blocked, so if you do need to leave, take one of our escape pods to the sister stations of Game Warden or Hades Combine. Emergency-use flamethrowers are located under all seats, but due to some really inexplicable reasons they have been filled with Holy Water. Plasma rifles and shotguns are in the secure lockers, which only admins, :v:, or hyperintelligent shades of blue may open. We do have a Shivan, Carl, living in the vents, so whatever you do don't go into the vents! If you do have the misfortune honor of meeting Carl, give him a sack lunch, and he may be placated enough to let you live. Rule #1: Do not EVER mention F, S, and 3 together. Thank you and enjoy your stay! :yes:

The noise you are hearing is actually a deliberate sound effect, trying to emulate a real life radio. Has been there since the retail FS2.
Annoying as hell.

It's removable, AFAIK. I have the fix on my other computer. I'll upload it and post a link in a sec.

EDIT: Here you go.

wow, thank You very much!!!


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