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So yeah, I decided that a retail FS2 TC for HW2 wasn't fun enough, especially since Bloodfleet is already doing his. So I'm now working on a BP mod. Lots of beautiful ships, lots of advanced warfare tactics, lots of differences between the UEF, Tevs, Shivans and Vishnans in term of gameplay, this should fuel a RTS much better than FS2.


A mod for a mod. Ingenious :yes:

I actually think it is just a mod for HW2 and not a BP mod for BloodFleet's mod.  Awesome either way though. :yes:

Yes, it's not based on BloodFleet's mod at all, but it's based on my previous FS TC.

Colonol Dekker:
 How does Homeworld 2 cope with the high-poly UEF stuff?


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