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Faustus & Chronos Differences for TVWP (& ST:R Too)?

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Trivial Psychic:
So I've been playing this campaign (finally) and I've noticed a few Retail ships that are used in this.  To improve the visuals, I managed to import Elysium from the FS2 MVPs (though I deleted the turret data and turret submodel data to match the tables, which debug complains about), and I see that the Chronos and Faustus are both used as well.  I was hoping to import the pair into the game, but I figured that I'd ask ahead of time, if there are any mod-specific changes to either model (like dockpoints or paths or something) that might make a difference.

While I'm on the subject, I know that some of you (team members) here are part of the ST:R team and might be able to fill me in on what differences there are between the retail/Hi-Poly Faustus and the Faustus from ST:R, so I can perform a similar import-&-modify action and add some eye-candy.

I'm not a member of the ST:R team, but IIRC their version of the Faustus (even the retail compatible one) has another dockpoint added to allow Things to Happen to It(R) in He Who Rides the Tiger.  It still retains compatibility with other mods, since the addition of an unused docking point in the model shouldn't break anything.

Go for it. If there are any problems, you'll find out.  :P

Trivial Psychic:
Is that the ONLY change?

You'll have to wait and see if somebody who knows for sure comes along and answers.  Although it shouldn't be too difficult to open up PCS2 and just check real quick.  Make sure the paths are the same, etc.

If it's in the MediaVPs it's designed to be used interchangeably with the retail model. Aside from the obvious geometry editing, there's some new dockpoints added specifically for ST:R, and the Faustus' bay path has been lengthened to go to the bay modeled in the side.


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