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I introduced my Freespace Virtual Tabletop project here and I would be very interested in using the T-V War ship models in my works. May I? :)

Apologies for a delay in getting back to you (my PC must have not seen the update when i was checking the boards).

I shall wait a day or two more to see what the other group members think, but i myself see no problem with you using them; we are in the process of remodelling a lot of our models but that said the lower-poly models would probably suit you well (as we get the newer versions done we'll have them up here for downloading).

Best of luck with the project; I quite like the idea of a turn-based Freespace game like that, and i wouldn't be suprised if it takes off quickly. Battlefleet Freespace/Freespace Gothic/Gothispace anyone?

Low poly models will suit me just well. I've planned for five available tech levels:

Tech 1 - T-V War era tech (this is where the T-V models would reside)
Tech 2 - Great War era tech
Tech 3 - Second Great War era tech
Tech 4 - post Second Great War era tech
Tech 5 - Shivan tech - mostly unattainable by commerce

I'll wait here for your final confirmation. :)

Go for it. No one else is around at the moment it seems. I was accepted as team leader however, so i suppose its my choice in the end anyhow :).

Roger-roger. Thanks! :)


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