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[Release] Apollo HTL and MK2, Prototype, Bomber variants

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The Apollo finally gets the love it always deserved. What a beauty!  :pimp:

We are not worthy...we are not worthy...we....are we worthy?

Awesome stellar work!

I'll be in my bunk.

Can't wait to use this. Thank you for the hard work that it took to take on one of the most iconic FS ships and make it sexy without losing any of its identity.  :yes:

Feels like forever since the last retail upgrade got released, but goddamn this makes up for the wait ten times over. :yes:


--- Quote from: DefCynodont119 on August 24, 2016, 06:32:12 pm ---COOL! the RCS is a nice touch.

[BUG REPORT] (I think, sorry in advance)

I did some play testing, and one thing came up-

I don't think this was intentional, but the gun banks on the standard Apollo are now divided Left-Right, as apposed to Top-bottom.

Having the disruptors stuck to one side kind-of makes disabling Omega 1 feel as hard as disabling Arjuna 1. . . and leading on with two different types of guns linked is nigh unpleasant
+ It's not retail gameplay-wise. . .

Not to be harsh, you/hades probably just missed It.

EDIT: The $Radar Image Size in the table provided Is set to 160. minor thing to fix, but still should be noted.

EDIT2: made post more noticeable.

EDIT3: same thing with missile banks, each bank used to have points on each side. dumbfires are much harder now.  :wtf:

--- End quote ---
seems like i'll have to fix that, although the apollo actually makes more sense the way it is now :P


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