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[Release] Apollo HTL and MK2, Prototype, Bomber variants

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Trivial Psychic:
I tried to include it in an attachment, but even compressed it was too big... and that was without the texture file.


Sorry to bump this old thread. But i found small errors in the Prototype and the MK II version of the Apollo.

Both of them have a "Turret" subobject that is defined as an actual subsystem, which is requested by the ships.tbl.

But even if you add it there, you get only a message about a missing firing point, which is correct, because in the prototype this "turret" is only a cosmetic feature and in the MKII one it is used as the firing point for the primary guns.

So maybe someone is interested to release a 1.2 update of this, that does not have the "$special=subsystem; $fov=240" properties in these versions :).

Or to better say, that is the thing i have done to the models i have (well, i could upload them, too), but maybe it is not the intended solution for this?

Can anyone please provide an alternate download link for these GTF Apollo variants? The Mediafire download apparently works but any attempt to extract the files from the compressed folder results in critical errors, at least on my end. I've even tried downloading the file several times.

Had problems with the archive if i use Windows Explorer for extractions. However both 7zip and WinRar are working.

I got the files from Nyctaeus who was kind enough to download the variants from Mediafire and send them over.

To be honest, I have no idea what caused my downloads to be corrupt and impossible to extract; I used the same programs you and many others did.


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