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CBAnim requests for Shepherds


Hey Mixael! I'd like to make a request for a few CBAnims for Shepherds. I've completed the three command briefings, and in the end I'm in need of four animations.

I've tried my best to describe them, but if you need more details let me know.

Thank you! :D

1: Spoiler:Basically cb_loop-b_b.ani, but the NTC Alexandria is replaced with the GTM Comfort.

Text: "-I repeat, this is the GTM Comfort requesting immediate reinforcements from any allied units remaining in Gamma Draconis. Our rallying point was attacked and we can not break through the Shivan blockade at the Capella node. Unable to establish contact with GTVA Command. Our ships are regrouping at Gamma 772-456. Please send assistance-
2: Spoiler:Node map focused on the nebula and in a similar style to cb_sm2_01_a.ani. Three allied destroyers are shown: GVD Psamtik (Hatshepsut), GVD Amunet (Typhon), GTD Ionia (Hecate), which all shatter. It then shows Shivan forces (SJ Sathanas 2, SD's Andromalius, Nebiros and Xaphan (Ravanas), and SD's Daityas, Ascalaphus and Rangda (Demons), but these do not shatter. Shortly after the Shivan ships are listed, the Andromalius' frame is highlighted to show importance.
3: Spoiler:A layout of the Capella system, maybe using the same animation as the one seen in cb_sm3-08_b.ani but with the addition of three jump nodes around the system and showing the evacuation ships heading to the Vega and Epsilon Pegasi nodes.
4: Spoiler:Essentially cb_sm1-04_a.ani, but with the Rakshasa and Aeolus replaced with the Sathanas and Hatshepsut respectively, and set in a nebular environment and the two ships facing eachother. The camera perspective, as if taken from a nearby pilot, would have a static or grany effect with the "Recording" text in the corner like from cb_sm1-04_c.ani.

I can't remember if the Sathanas started shooting as it emerged from subspace in that mission, but if so, then please do not add any subspace effect from its arrival. GTVI is supposed to have edited that part of the video out, as they do not want the existence of a second Knossos to be known.

Yes, I will do these.

What's your timeline?

Awesome! I'd like to have it released by the end of the year, but it's not set in stone and could be released as late as February. I can PM you ahead of its release if that helps?

Yes, PM me ahead of time. I've been unable to focus on FS modding for the last few weeks. Life happens.. but I don't want to forget about this.



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