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Best Campaign Co-op experience in 2023 ? (A chatgpt mod list suggestion)

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Of course ChatGPT wouldn't find anything, given no new data was fed to it from 2021 onwards, and I think it was shortly around that time when MP was even remotely viable for play.

And even then, there are currently very few co-op-compatible campaigns, those ones being:

-Freespace 1/2's main campaigns (or rather, their co-op ports)
-Silent Threat Reborn
-Operation Templar

Outside of that, no luck unfortunately.

That's hilarious. :lol:  I like how the lists are not only incorrect, but actually overlap.


What about the other mods mentionned, will they work with the co-op ports of the main campaign

I don't know if they are even real but the following list

Goober's Graphics
Particle Effects
Weapon Sounds
Voice Acting Improvement Project
Improved Weapon Effects
Music Enhancement
Dynamic Cockpits

None of these exist.

Closest *might* be the "Music Enhancement" but that's simply a package within the FSPort MediaVPs, not its own mods.

As I said, only the mods I mentioned have Co-op campaigns.


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