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Landings and Takeoffs

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its been a wile since I've played around with Mission editor, I was wondering how do I set up landing where the viper or Raptor lands or touch down in the Landing bay?

Have an event set to trigger the mission end when the distance between the player ship and the fighterbay subsystem is about a few hundred meters, longer depending on how big the fighterbay is.

Would you like me to set up an example event and take a screenshot for you? Sorry that I'm not doing it right away but I'm a tad busy. :P

sure that would be perfect thank you

Black Wolf:
PVD Hope: Keep in mind this is about Diaspora style deck landings, not FSO style proximity to fighterbay landings. The Diaspora ones are quite a bit more complicated, if memory serves.

Well, you can DL it, play it, say the devs that you liked it and then look at the mission files how they did it.


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