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Landings and Takeoffs

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Here's the event from Mission 2 of Diaspora. I've closed the parts that are identical except for referring to the other fighterbay. 

I notice that the topic also includes launches. I'm going to see about bumping the release in Knossos and adding our launch script to Diaspora, there's absolutely no good reason for someone to have to put up with the old way of doing launches.

how do I add this for the player ship?

Ohey, I didn't realize that the Diaspora method was different. That's interesting.  :yes:


--- Quote from: mightyjoe83 on March 19, 2018, 06:25:19 pm ---how do I add this for the player ship?
--- End quote ---

Red 1 was the player ship in that example.

I also would like to set up a Raptor launch from the landing bay do I need to set up an event for that as well?


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