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sdl failure

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I'm trying to get this mod working on a gentoo install with a rx560 card and I'm getting this error: Couldn't set video mode: Couldn't find matching GLX visualERROR: "Unable to initialize display device!" at graphics/gropengl.cpp:1958

is this fixable?


If you run "glxinfo | grep rendering", does it tell you that have direct rendering? If the answer is yes, please run "glxgears" and you should see a 3D animation with moving gears.
If you get an error that the command can't be found, you need to install the x11-apps/mesa-progs package.

If the command tells you that you don't have direct rendering, you need to follow this guide to get a working 3D driver.


I'm running flightgear at high resolution without any issues. I think it is pretty safe to say that I have direct rendering.
nonetheless, I've tried what you've suggested, glxinfo | grep rendering returns yes and glxgear works.
my libsdl is of version 1.2.15, libsdl2 is of version 2.0.9.
is there a maximum sdl version I need to use?

Not as far as I'm aware. Which build are you using?  I'm guessing based on the error message but you seem to have a pretty old one.
Try a recent nightly. Also, what launcher are you using?

not sure I follow, I wrote a script that does it, here:

--- Code: ---#!/bin/bash -x

for file in {,,,}; do wget ${file}; done
tar xf Diaspora_R1_Linux.tar.lzma
tar xf Diaspora_R1_Patch_1.1.tar.lzma
tar xf Diaspora_R1_Patch_1.1.1.tar.lzma
tar xf Patch_Files.1.1.tar -C Diaspora_R1_Linux/Diaspora/
tar xf Patch_Files.1.1.1.tar -C Diaspora_R1_Linux/Diaspora/
tar xf 0.12.0-rc.3.tar.gz
rm -rf Diaspora_R1_Linux/Diaspora/wxlauncher
mv wxLauncher-0.12.0-rc.3 Diaspora_R1_Linux/Diaspora/wxlauncher
cd Diaspora_R1_Linux/Diaspora/fs2_open/
make -j17
cp code/fs2_open_3.7.1 ../fs2_open_diaspora
cd ../
mkdir wxlauncher/build
cd wxlauncher/build
make -j17

--- End code ---

am I missing something?


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