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Author Topic: important wiki matter: please post thoughts 2

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Yeah, put it back. A little bit of levity never hurt anyone and the broad consensus last time was to keep it.

Okay, for some reason I remembered as if I had removed the comment before protecting. Seeing the page's history, it's a false memory, apparently. Sorry about that.

Just please tell me this stuff is now over. For real.

I think we’d like it to be!

Looking at the history it was someone called Meganew who deleted it this time. I can’t find anyone by that name on the forums or Discord so I don’t know who that is.

General Battuta:
Probably just an innocent poster trying to clean up some vandalism ;)

e: We should put Meganew's perfectly valid VC back in while we're at it, will do that in a few if nobody has

Just saw this - the meme honestly seems pretty dated and am opposed to it being in a place with serious veteran feedback.


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