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Dark Knight:
It's because alot of people cant pick up on the interface that easily or cant be botherd to learn so they blame the program.

The TS interface really isn't difficult. Only TS1's texturing abilities are very limited, and raytracing often leads to some very unpleasant effects.

Beyond Earth Campaign

The truth is out there...

Dark Knight:
you just gotta learn to work around the problem. 6 months of practice also helps.

"Why? because I can." -Q, Star Trek: Borg.

I use TS too, but I have problems with it - it runs amazingly chunkily. Any ship above the size of a Loki makes the handling... how to say? Badly animated? Well, the frame rate is so slow, that by the time it moves, it has been maneuvred half way across the screen. Sucky, huh?

3DS R 3.1


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