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We have a lot of art.

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So what do you guys think about all the art we've been getting lately?

--- Quote ---Topic by Shrike:
We have a lot of art.
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Shamelessly stolen from my ICQ message  

Seriously though, I think it's fantastic. It just shows the great degree of skill that the community has. And this is in just one area, image creation! Quite impressive indeed.  

It's very true tho.  We are getting a lot.  Which is by no means a bad thing.

Griffon UK:
the rendered stuff is beating the hard-drawn REAL art by an almost 4:1 ratio, but whos complaining  

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Have I got news for you - I couldn't draw with a pencil and paper to save my life, and a brush in my hands would only be useful to stab our next door neighbours cat with. Rendering is my only talent as far as art is concerned, but hell - I love it!

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