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The website for FreeSpace Parallel Universe will be up tomorrow, Feburary 5th 2001.  I began work on it tonight and its coming along nicely.  I'm planning on getting it hosted here once its up because the hosting requirement is that i need an early version of the website up.

FSPU Website will include

[*]Ships overview- both non-flyable and flyable
[*]trueSpace Renders
[*]Weapons overview
[*]Ingame Screenshots

Sounds cool to me  

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I know about this - this is gonna rock  

Griffon UK:
wazzit do?

is it some sort of backward FS universe where Vasuda Prime survived, Earth was destroyed & the Vasudans rule known space with an iron first, enslaving the human race to meet their daily headz requirements...


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I think it's the one where the Shivans never showed up.


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