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should go for about the same bar they use in other game based scripting/porgramming systems. things like quake c and unreal script and whatever doom 3 uses. fps games have a lot of modder->porgrammers that o very well with what theyve been given. quake c while it was incredibly fast due to being compiled code rather than interpreted script but was also incredibly restrictive. you couldnt create types, you had less than 5 kinds of vars you could store, iirc it was float string or vector.  never really picked up any other kind of game script cept this.

for me most of the learning curve was in understanding the game-script interface. you just want it to be easy enough to start up with. once going its not hard to learn the rest. anyone who did basic in a high school computer science class should have enough knoledge to get started. as it is lua is very easy to understand (even though the offitial lua manual sucks :D). hopefully by the time the next wave of scripters come around they should have alot of examples to play around with and learn from.

now id go for the 3 rotation systems. i think of matricies to be on the edge of very advanced, leaving somone whos new only one other option. i figure new modders would be more familiar with phb and normals coming into scripting and can pick up on matricies later on as their skills improve. you can still have all the conversions as wou would with the system of 2. i just dont like not having a phb system because its a better system when it comes to dealing with rate of rotation. not having it will make stuff like animation hard (which in turn is a good reason a modder might want to script).

Well I suppose I could have toVector(), toAngle(), and toMatrix() functions for all three.

Or just make the constructor for each take the other two types as valid arguments.

EDIT: Oh, and if you want to play with getOrientation() for a bit (before it gets revised) you can use this build.

oh goodie i was waiting for a new build. maybe i can mess with my turret script some more.


heh you fixed the curcle bug, but now the circles are twice as big :D

Yeah, the first argument of drawCircle should have been radius, like drawCurve, and the fs2_open internal function itself; but it was being treated as if it were the diameter of the circle. Is that a problem?

no not really. just another thing i gotta tweak all my scripts for. :D
btw i did somethinc cool with your function. check my last post in the rc turrets thread, they work :D


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