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I've been uploading a few pictures in view of making some ship articles but when I upload them there's an error message about creating a thumbnail.

--- Code: ---Error creating thumbnail: /var/www/clients/client2/web2/web/wiki/bin/ line 4: /usr/bin/convert: No such file or directory
--- End code ---

This is illustrated most clearly here.

New articles such as here are also affected.

I can view the full sized images just fine.

Is this new? Is it just me?

Can someone else upload something to the wiki and see if they get the same?

Yeah, I'm getting the same issue.

Looks like the imagemagick software is missing from the server, although it doesn't make sense that it would suddenly disappear so maybe the problem is more complex than that.

Blah.. This is still a thing! Plz2Fix? :(

Our Wiki is going to slowly degrade into ugliness if this doesn't get resolved.

Thanks for bumping this.  I ran into this a week or two ago and bookmarked it because I didn't have time to look at it then, and never got back to it.

I've been able to confirm what niffiwan said: the wiki is set up to use ImageMagick, but the ImageMagick "convert" command is missing from the server. :confused:

So, I installed ImageMagick.  I didn't check the pages before installing this, so I can't tell whether anything is different, although the two image pages look all right at least.  (The UEFg Murugan page still shows an error, but I don't know if that's leftover or still indicates a problem.)  Can someone try running through the steps to reproduce this and see if it is indeed fixed?

Seems to be working. There was some weirdness with the recent screencap winner image.. but a quick "upload new file version" seems to have solved it.

EDIT: Though, now the Wiki randomly gives me infinite timeouts and I have to start a new incognito session to get it to load again. Script error? Google Chrome conflict? I dunno...


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